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40th Anniversary of Her Majesty's Coronation

On the 2nd June 1953, at Westminster Abbey, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took the Coronation Oath which binded her to the service of the people of Britain and the Commonwealth. Her Majesty was the youngest monarch to succeed to the throne since 1837 when Princess Victoria, who was then 18 years of age became Queen.

The Cayman Islands Currency Board has authorized the Royal Mint to strike on its behalf a limited edition of a $250 gold coin and $5 silver coin to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Coronation.

The coins features on the reverse St. Edward's Crown, superimposed upon a pleasing combination of Royal Regalia which includes the King's Sceptre and the Rod of Equity and Mercy, both made for Charles II, the Ampulla, the Golden Spurs, and the Orb also made for the coronation of Charles II. The obverse of these coins bear Raphael Maklouf's elegant portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, with the inscription ELIZABETH II to the right and CAYMAN ISLANDS to the left.

Issue Alloy(Stg) Weight(gms) Diameter(mm) Issue Limit Price CI$ Price US$
Cayman Islands $5 Silver Proof 925 Silver 28.28 38.61 10,000 32.60 40.00
Cayman Islands $250 Gold Proof 22 Carat Gold 47.54 38.61 100 655.62 804.45