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Money Services Reporting Requirements
Section 9, of the Money Services Act requires that:

“Every holder of a licence shall, at such times as may be specified by the Authority, furnish to the Authority

  1. written confirmation that the information set out in the application for the licence remains correct, and gives a full and fair picture of its money services business ; and
  2. such returns in respect of its money services business as the Authority may specify in writing,

in such form as the Authority may reasonably require.”

Money Services Business Quarterly Prudential Return

The Authority requires licensees to submit the specified returns quarterly. The form captures financial data on money transfer businesses to and from the Cayman Islands for regulatory and statistical purposes. The form should be returned to the Monetary Authority not later than 30 calendar days after the reporting date. For additional information , see Money Services Business Forms 


Section 10, of the Money Services Act requires that:

  1. Every licensee shall have the accounts of its money services business audited annually or at such other times as the Authority may require by an auditor, who shall be a chartered accountant, a certified public accountant, or some other professionally qualified accountant, approved by the Authority.
  2. The audited accounts shall be forwarded to the Authority within three months of the end of the financial year of the licensee’s money services business, unless prior written approval for an extension has been granted by the Authority.

See current reporting schedule for prudential and statistical returns for all CIMA-regulated entities.

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