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Currency FAQs

How are old or damaged notes and coins redeemed in the Cayman Islands?

Damaged Cayman Islands banknotes and coins are redeemed through local commercial banks or at the Authority's Currency Division located on the Ground Floor of the Government Administration Building, George Town. They can also be mailed to the Authority. Our address and location are listed here.

Without prior written consent from the Authority, it is illegal to print or publish anything in the likeness or appearance of all or part of a banknote or coin. It is also illegal to mutilate, deface or perforate any currency note or coin that is legal tender in the Cayman Islands. For more information, refer to the Reproduction Guidelines.

Coins and notes minted/printed for the Cayman Islands, "the legal tender", are the only currency sold by the Authority.

Cayman's currency notes are printed by De La Rue Printing, while the coins are minted by the British Royal Mint.

The retail exchange rate used by CIMA is CI$1.00 = US$1.227

The Authority will redeem numismatic coins only at face value.

While older "A" and "B" series banknotes have been withdrawn, no denominations or issues of currency have been devalued. All notes and coins issued by the Cayman Islands Currency Board and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority remain legal tender and can be redeemed for face value at any of the local commercial banks or at the Authority's Currency Division located on the Ground Floor of the Government Adminstration Building, George Town.

While the Authority does not accept credit cards or personal cheques, payment may be made by cash, wire transfers, drafts drawn on local commercial banks or International Money Orders/drafts. (There is a 15-day processing period for IMO's and international drafts).

The Authority operates a retail window for collector items only. Local commercial banks provide the public with Foreign Exchange Services.

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