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Trusts Licensing Requirements

All applications for licensing under the Banks and Trust Companies Act  should be submitted to the Authority. Applications should follow the requirements set out in the Banks and Trust Companies (Licence Applications and Fees) Regulations. Based on these regulations the Fiduciary Division has created the following checklists to assist applicants.

Personal Questionnaire

Application Requirements For A Trust Licence Under The Banks And Trust Companies ActView

Application Requirements For A Restricted Trust Licence Under The Banks And Trust Companies ActView

Application Requirements For A Nominee Trust Licence Under The Banks And Trust Companies ActView

Online Submissions and Electronic Application Forms

REEFS is our online, automated portal for submissions of mandatory financial returns, change requests and new licence applications.   

Please click the following link to visit the REEFS portal login webpage: 

To request your REEFS Administrator account login information, please contact the Fiduciary Services Division at,

Please note that this is only a summary of legal requirements. For additional detail please refer to the Banks and Trust Companies Act.

All Licensees (Trust and Company Managers):

  1. must inform the CIMA of any change in the registered office or principal office;
  2. must have their accounts audited annually by an auditor approved by the CIMA and submit a copy of the audited accounts to the CIMA:
    • within three months of the trust company’s financial year-end
    • within six months of the company manager’s financial year-end
  3. must pay the annual fee by the 15th of January of each year. If an annual fee is not paid by that date, a penalty of one-twelfth of the annual fee will be payable for each month or part of a month during which the annual fee and any penalty remains unpaid
  4. must receive the approval of CIMA prior to issuing or transferring shares and prior to appointing a director or controller
  5. must inform CIMA of changes in auditor, or change of name
All Auditors
  1. must notify CIMA if, in the course of carrying out an audit of a licensee, they become aware or have reason to believe that the licensee:
    • is or is likely to become unable to meet its obligations as they fall due
    • is carrying on, or attempting to carry on, business, or is winding up its business voluntarily in a manner that is prejudicial to its investors or creditors
    • is carrying on or attempting to carry on business without keeping any or sufficient accounting records to allow its accounts to be property audited.

Note 1: All applications should be sent to:

Managing Director
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
PO Box 10052
Grand Cayman KY1-1001

Note 2: 
Applicants should be aware that the Authority may require additional information to determine the application.

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