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Locational Banking Statistics (LBS) Survey

BIS collects data on international banking activity on a quarterly basis from 43 reporting countries including the Cayman Islands. The data collected by CIMA through the LBS Survey is aggregated for international claims and liabilities, broken down by instrument, currency, sector, country of residence of counterparty and nationality of reporting banks. The results of the survey are published on the BIS website and can be accessed by clicking on  "LBS Data" .  In addition, CIMA provides a further breakdown of our banks' exposure by geographical region of the world in the  following report:

Bank for International Settlement (BIS) - Cayman Islands Banking Sector Report - 2018 Q2View

International Assets and Liabilities of Banking Sector 2007 to 2018 Q2Download



  •  LBS Notes -  Guidance Notes, to be read in conjunction with form on REEFS Portal.