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REEFS (Regulatory Enhanced Electronic Forms Submission)


REEFS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and information

  1. Q. How do I obtain a REEFS administrator account?  A. Please contact the relevant regulatory Division.
  2. Q. How do I create and manage user accounts (including associated workflows)?  A. Click here for details.
  3. Q. I am having difficulty logging in.  A. Please ensure that you use your email address as the login username (and not the screen name).
  4. Q. How do I use the escrow system to make payments?  A. Click here for our documentation.
  5. Q. Which form do I use and how do I complete the form?  A. Click here for the REEFS forms guidance notes
  6. Q. How do I reuse a previously submitted form as a template and re-upload it back into REEFS?  A. Click here for our documentation.
  7. Q. How do I add an email address for an Alternative Contact  A. Click here for our documentation.