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Basel II Reporting and Quarterly Prudential Reporting (QPR)

The Basel II and QPR form should be reviewed and completed in conjunction with the Guidance Notes for the Completion of the Basel II Forms and QPRs and the Rules, Conditions and Guidelines on Minimum Capital Requirements (Pillar 1). Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher, and macros set to enabled, will be required to open, view and input data into the forms.

The Basel II and QPR form is migrating to REEFS and the E-Reporting portal has been discontinued. To submit the Basel II and QPR, attach the existing Excel templates to form QPR-048-01 (rename the file extension to ".xls" if necessary) via REEFS.

Taxonomies, Facts & Structure for XBRL

For banks with expertise in electronic reporting, XBRL is the preferred filing method as it allows the filer to provide large data submissions without having to navigate the Excel form. XBRL provides an easier path to automate the submission. In addition, XBRL allows filers to create their own private reports related to the submissions. However, filing submissions using XBRL requires that banks have expertise in the use of instance creation tools.

Locational Banking Statistics

The Locational Banking Statistics Survey is a quarterly survey of international banking business. It is conducted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), with the Cayman Islands participating since December 2000. The survey provides information on international assets and liabilities of banks' on-balance-sheet assets and liabilities vis-a-vis non-residents in any currency and vis-a-vis residents in foreign currency. The Authority collects information from Category 'A' and Category 'B' banks on international banking business conducted in the Cayman Islands. The data is collected and aggregated by the Authority and sent to the Bank for International Settlements for inclusion in the Locational Banking Statistics Report. The survey is conducted on a quarterly basis as at the last day of March, June, September, and December and should be returned within one month of the reporting date.

Domestic Banking Activity

The Domestic Banking Activity Survey is a quarterly survey on the activities of domestic banks in respect of loans made, deposits received, interest rates, cheque clearing and a consolidated Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Banks' domestic operations. The Authority collects information from the Category 'A' banks for inclusion in this survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide the Authority with an overview of the domestic banking industry and provide aggregated information to the Economics and Statistics Office for inclusion in its publications, such as the Compendium of Statistics and the Annual Economic Report. The survey is conducted on a quarterly basis as at the last day of March, June, September, and December and should be returned within one month of the reporting date.

Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey

The International Monetary Fund introduced the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey in 1997, with the Cayman Islands participating since 2001.  The survey collects information on cross-border holdings of securities, broken down by country of residence of issuer, as well as supplementary information on the currency of denomination and the institutional sector of the holder. The Authority currently collects information, from all Banks on investment holdings, in equity, short-term and long-term debt securities issued by unrelated non-residents as at 30 June and 31 December, annually.  This information will contribute to an improved understanding of the size and composition of the international financial centre of the Cayman Islands and its impact on global financial intermediation.

Cyber Incident Report

This form is intended to provide a systematic and standardised means of alerting the Authority of cyber breaches, and to provide periodic update reports through to incident resolution. A cyber incident should be reported immediately when it is deemed to have a material impact or has the potential to become a material incident.  Material cyber threats may include instances of significant loss of data or system controls; potential to impact a significant volume of clients; where unauthorised parties are able to gain or has gained access to your systems; unauthorised parties are able to introduce material, software, viruses, or spyware to your systems; and/or alter or extract data from your systems. Forms should be submitted to

Personal Questionnaire

The Authority requires that every director, officer, manager and shareholder who is a natural person, who wishes to be appointed to a company licensed under the Banks and Trust Companies Act, completes a personal questionnaire and submits it with the supporting documentation per the licensing requirements

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