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Banking Services Reporting Requirements
Reporting Schedule

Reporting Schedule 2018 - 2019Download

Note: Banks are no longer required to file as per the calendar year quarter end, rather according to their fiscal year. Please see above schedule for more information.

Documents That All Banks Must Submit

All Banks regulated under the Cayman Islands’ Banks and Trust Companies Act must submit the following documents to CIMA:

  • Quarterly Prudential Returns. Section 17(1)(b) of the Banks and Trust Companies Law outlines this requirement. 
  • Annual Audited Accounts. Section 12(2) and 12(3) of the Banks and Trust Companies Law outlines this requirement.

The Quarterly Prudential Returns will be filed via the Basel II and QPR Portal.

The Basel II and Quarterly Prudential Return (QPRs) form can be submitted in either the Microsoft Excel format or in an XBRL format. Submissions of the Basel II and QPR forms are facilitated through a web based portal. This portal will assess each submission against various validation rules to ensure the integrity of the form and the information within the form.  If the form submitted does not pass any of the validation rules it will be automatically returned to the submitting bank along with an appropriate error message. The bank will then be required to correct the error(s) and re-submit the form through the CIMA web based portal.

Note: Only valid (i.e. no errors) and ‘Live’ submissions will be accepted by the Authority as the Bank’s official quarterly return report.  The Form BS and Reporting Schedules will no longer be accepted via email.

Video guide on creating and managing users in the E-Reporting Portal.

Video guide on tracking errors and warnings in the E-Reporting Portal.


Basel II Forms and QPRs

The Basel II and QPR form should be reviewed and completed in conjunction with the Guidance Notes for the Completion of the Basel II Forms and QPRs  and Rules, Conditions and Guidelines on Minimum Capital Requirements (Pillar 1) Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher, and macros set to enabled, will be required to open, view and input data into the forms. 

Note: Once you have opened the Basel II and QPR form and enabled macros, you must complete the first sheet (titled "000. Cover Sheet") with the appropriate selections in order to see the particular forms that you are required to complete. Branches are only required to complete section A of the Cover Sheet and sheets 050-060 of the Basel II Forms and QPRs.

Filing Extensions

In certain circumstances, bank representatives may apply to CIMA for an extension of the deadline by which required documents must be filed with CIMA.

Method of Submitting Requests

Requests for extensions must be submitted to CIMA, in writing via email or post, addressed to the Head or Deputy Head of Banking Supervision, no less than seven calendar days prior to the due date.

CIMA will review the request for an extension, in line with its ‘Procedure for the Granting of Extensions for the Filing of Supervisory Reports’ (See Regulatory Handbook Appendices, section F2).

Extensions for the filing of Audited Financial Statements

As of 1 January 2013, CIMA charges a non-refundable application fee for an extension for the filing of audited financial statements. See the Current Fee Schedule for more information on all ‘CIMA Administrative Fees’.

Dormant Accounts

The Dormant Accounts Law, its regulations and subsequent amendments (collectively referred to as the 'Law'), requires certain financial institutions ('account providers') to transfer monies that are in dormant accounts in their institutions to the Government after seven years of account inactivity. The following link provides further information: