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As the roadmap to our continued success, our Strategic Plan will guide us in our efforts to protect the integrity of the Cayman Islands currency and the local financial services industry. The plan includes:

  1. An updated mission and vision statements that represent how we wish to conduct ourselves in achieving our organisational objectives
  2. Four main objectives that support our mission and vision, each of which have been assigned to lead persons
  3. A delivery model that depicts what we do, what we deliver and the impact we have within a multi-stakeholder environment
  4. Six values that reflect our attitude, behaviours and character we display, and how we wish to be seen by our stakeholders


Our Mission
Our Vision

Our mission

To protect and enhance the integrity of the financial services industry of the Cayman Islands.

Our vision

A thriving, innovative and well-regulated Cayman Islands Financial Services system and currency that meets applicable international standards and provides value to stakeholders.

Strategic objectives

To support our mission over the next three years and to work towards achieving our vision, there are a number of initiatives that will need to be undertaken. This plan commits to four main strategic objectives:

Strengthen our capacity and capabilities Enhance the regulatory response to innovations Reform and retool operational structures and supervisory approaches Develop and implement a renewed framework
Explore and implement new approaches for the attraction and/or development and retention of competent and experienced staff with a transferable range of skills  Develop a new technologies framework Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the existing operational structure and provide recommendations for changes where warranted Develop and document a stakeholder engagement framework that addresses our commitment, transparency, accountability, responsiveness as well as conflicts of interests and avoidance of regulatory capture
Explore and implement creative approaches to the use of external resources to better carry out our operations Develop our multi-disciplinary capacity and capability Evaluate the existing supervisory approaches with respect to ensuring the Authority is performing its functions in the most consistent, efficient and cost-effective manner Implement methods of engagement and/or communication strategies and other approaches to enhance stakeholder engagement and their awareness, and understanding of CIMA’s role in the regulation of financial services
Leverage technology to enhance information sharing and knowledge management and optimise the available human resources Develop an appropriate regulatory response based upon rigorous assessment of emerging issues and trends Develop and commence an implementation plan for agreed structural reform  

Develop and implement a results-based management and accountability framework to support decision-making and operations

  Enhance the regulatory framework and supervisory practices to, where applicable, meet evolving micro and macro prudential, crime prevention and cooperative standards  
Improve efficiencies through the optimisation of technological processes      

Our delivery model is comprised of the following elements:

  • Inputs represent the resources and outputs from other parties that are consumed by our activities.
  • Activities describe collections of actions and services that we deliver under our mandate.
  • Outputs are the products generated by our activities.
  • Direct outcomes are the first level of outcomes – those over which we have the most direct influence with our outputs.
  • Intermediate outcomes comprise the second level of outcomes-those over which CIMA has less influence with our outputs and where the influence may be shared with our stakeholders.
  • Ultimate outcomes are the highest-level outcomes that can attributed to our outputs and are subject to many influences beyond those of CIMA.

Our values

  • Teamwork: We empower each other to work at our productive best
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our responsibilities and commitments
  • Excellence: We aspire to the highest standards of performance 
  • Collaboration: We achieve common goals through successful working relationships
  • Integrity: We encourage and expect honest and ethical behaviour by our employees
  • Respect: We honour the public’s trust by showing respect for those with whom we interact, considering differing points of view and ensuring people are treated the way we would like to be treated

Download a full copy of our Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023  

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