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Regulatory Handbook

The Monetary Authority's Regulatory Handbook is issued under section 48 of the Monetary Authority Law. The handbook details the structure and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee, the relationships that the Monetary Authority has with external bodies, and specific information on matters such as the supervisory approach, supervisory returns, and anti-money laundering procedures. This document provides a practical guide to the operations of the Monetary Authority and reflects transparency and accountability in the way the Monetary Authority regulates and makes decisions.

Regulatory Handbook - November 2018View

Regulatory Handbook Appendices - March 2019View

Regulatory Procedure - Publication of Enforcement Actions taken by the AuthorityView

Regulatory Procedure - Appointing Controllers and Advisors; and Auditors for AML Audits and Assessing Costs 2018View

Template - Assessing Controller CostsView

Enforcement Manual 2018View

Enforcement Manual (Procedure For Administering Administrative Fines Parts I-III) 2019View

Enforcement Manual (Lost Contact Procedure) 2019View

Given the dynamic nature of the financial services industry and the constant changes facing the Monetary Authority the handbook is subject to on-going review and revision. All revisions are gazetted and posted on the website. Hard copies of the handbook are available upon request from the Monetary Authority for a nominal fee.