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Currency Reproduction Guidelines & Use of Images

Persons who wish to reproduce or use an image of the CI currency must obtain written consent from CIMA via email, with restrictions, to ensure:

  1. compliance with the Monetary Authority Act;
  2. reproductions of the currency and use of its image are not used to defraud the public; and
  3. the Queen’s portrait is not distorted, improperly displayed or shown in offensive surroundings.


CIMA does not allow reproduction of an image of banknotes on articles for sale.

With written consent by CIMA, designs are normally expected to meet the following criteria:-

  1. Reproductions of notes must not be the same size as actual notes. If they are smaller, they can be up to half as long and half as wide. If they are to be larger, they must be at least twice as long and twice as wide.
  2. Notes should be shown on the slant and not flat to camera. They should also form part of a larger pictorial design.

Designs incorporating reproductions of banknotes for educational purposes should satisfy the same criteria as noted above with the word “specimen” in solid black capital letters across the notes, which must be placed flat to the camera.

This does not apply to the reproduction of notes for educational purposes on film, television or online. Such reproductions may be made without specific application to CIMA. 


CIMA does not permit physical reproductions of coins in metal or other material. CIMA also restricts the use of photographically reproduced coins.

Additionally, CIMA does not prohibit the use of coin images in articles for sale if the coins, or the appearance of the coins, are not altered in anyway.

Prosecution of Vendors, Merchants and Others

CIMA may use its powers under the Monetary Authority Act to ensure that individuals, vendors, or merchants who sell any article that bears a design in imitation of the CI currency. For the avoidance of doubt, CIMA will pursue and, if necessary, seek the prosecution of any individual or company involved in a contravention of the Penal Code.

Any person or company who, without lawful authority, sells any article, that bears a design in imitation of the Cayman Islands currency, is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for up to six months or a fine.

Forgery of a Cayman Islands Banknote

Any person who without lawful authority, makes, uses, or knowingly has in his custody or possession of any paper or implements of forgery, is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for up to seven years.

Any person who forges any banknote is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for life in addition to being made the subject of a forfeiture order. 

Reporting Counterfeit Notes or Coins

To report counterfeit currency, complete the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Financial Crime Investigation Unit's (FCIU) Forged Currency Reporting Form. Once completed, submit the form, along with the counterfeit currency, to the FCIU office.

Defacing and Mutilation of the Currency

It is an offence to deface, mutilate or perforate any banknote or coin that is legal tender in the Cayman Islands. If found guilty of this offence a person is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000 and imprisonment for three months.

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