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Complaint Policies

Pursuant to Section 6(2)(f) of the Monetary Authority Act (the "MAA"), the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (the "Authority") is obliged to recognise the need for transparency and fairness.   

In this regard, and as part of our standard procedure, the policy for Complaints Against the Authority and Complaints Against Licensees, Registrants and Other Supervised Entities includes details on how to file such complaints. 

Complaints Against the Authority

For the purposes of this procedure, “complaint” means any expression of dissatisfaction about the manner in which the Authority has carried out its functions under the MAA and other regulatory acts. These include, but are not limited to alleging: 

  • Operational functions
  • Regulatory & supervisory functions
  • Contractual or commercial disputes
  • Personnel misconduct
  • Board of Directors misconduct

Complaints Against Licensees, Registrants and Other Supervised Entities

Complaints connected with the operations or management of licensees, or persons operating without a proper licence.  

Who May Complain 

Any person directly affected by the way in which the Authority or its licensees has carried out its functions may file a complaint. The Authority will not accept anonymous complaints. For expedited processing, please use the online form below. 

File A Complaint