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About Us

Established on 1 January 1997, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is the primary regulator responsible for the regulation and supervision of financial services entities operating in and from the Cayman Islands. We also manage the issue and redemption of the Cayman Islands currency and provide assistance to overseas regulatory authorities, including the execution of memoranda of understanding to assist with consolidated supervision.

Our Mission

To protect and enhance the integrity of the financial services industry of the Cayman Islands.

Vision Statement

A thriving, innovative and well-regulated Cayman Islands financial services system and currency that meets applicable international standards and provides value to stakeholders.

Our Values


We empower each other to work at our productive best


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our responsibilities and commitments


We aspire to the highest standards of performance 


We achieve common goals through successful working relationships


We encourage and expect honest and ethical behaviour by our employee


We honour the public’s trust by showing respect for those with whom we interact, considering differing points of view and ensuring people are treated the way we would like to be treated

What We Do

Our responsibilities fall under four principal functions:


Issue and redeem the Cayman Islands currency and manage the currency reserves.


Regulate and supervise the financial services industry, monitor compliance with money laundering regulations, issue the regulatory handbook on policies and procedures, including rules and statements of principle and guidance.


Assist overseas regulatory authorities, through the memoranda of understanding, with consolidated supervision.


Provide advice to the Cayman Islands Government on monetary, regulatory and cooperative matters.


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