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Investment Funds Reporting Requirements

Audited Financial Statements and Fund Annual Return 

The Fund Annual Return (FAR) Form version 4.0 (FAR-016-22-04) and updated Completion Guide are now available as at 27 November 2020.  FAR Form 4.0 is an updated version and will replace FAR Form version 3.0 (FAR-016-22-03) that was released on 14 June 2016.  

Various sections of FAR Form 4.0 has been updated to collect additional information and data as outlined in the Mutual Funds (Annual Returns) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020. The relevant sections of the Completion Guide have also been updated to clarify the reporting requirements under those sections.  

Funds with a year-end date prior to 30 June 2020 may have already filed a FAR Form 3.0 with the Authority and can continue to submit this version of the FAR. However, please be advised that effective 31 March 2021, the Regulatory Enhanced Electronic Forms Submission  (REEFS) platform will no longer accept FAR Form 3.0 and all funds should instead submit FAR Form 4.0 via REEFS.

FAR Form 4.0 issued on 27 November 2020 is required to be completed and submitted for funds with a financial year-end of 30 June 2020 or later. 

For funds with a financial year end of 30 June 2020 or later, the current FAR Form 4.0 issued on 27 November 2020 should be used.  For funds with a financial year-end prior to 30 June 2020, the old FAR Form will continue to be used. 

All FAR Forms are available  here.

If you require further information regarding FAR filings, please contact the Investments Supervision Division.

Documents That All Regulated Funds Must Submit

All funds regulated under the Cayman Islands’ Mutual Funds Act must submit, to CIMA, the following documents covering the fund’s financial year, within six months of the fund’s financial year-end:

  • Audited annual accounts (audited financial statements or AFS). Section 8(2) of the act outlines this requirement.
  • The FAR Form is the official form which fund operators use to provide general, operating and financial information on the fund. The submission of an annual return is a requirement of the Mutual Funds (Annual Returns) Regulations. which also requires the payment of a  fee to file a FAR. The fee becomes due at the time of submission. 

These documents must be submitted electronically through CIMA’s electronic reporting (E-reporting or REEFS) system explained below.

Waivers/Exemptions & Extensions

In certain circumstances, fund operators may apply to CIMA for a waiver/exemption of the filing requirement or for an extension of the deadline by which the documents must be filed.

Submitting Requests

Requests for waivers/exemptions must be submitted, in writing, to CIMA via email or post:

P.O. Box 10052
Grand Cayman KY1-1001
Cayman Islands  

Requests for extensions must be submitted, via the REEFS system by using form FXT-162-22.

CIMA will review the request for an extension, in line with its ‘Procedure for the Granting of Extensions for the Filing of Supervisory Reports’ (See Regulatory Handbook Appendices, section F2) and for a waiver/exemption, in line with the Audit Waiver Policy. In relation to audit waivers for funds that are terminating, CIMA will make a determination as to whether an affidavit, liquidators report or procedures will suffice in place of the audit. CIMA will inform the operator of its decision in writing.

Fee for Waivers/Exemptions or Extensions

As of 13 December 2012, CIMA charges a non-refundable administrative fee for each waiver/exemption or extension request. For further information, refer to Investment Funds Fees for a current Fee Schedule, which lists all fees that CIMA collects.

E-Reporting and REEFS for Regulated Mutual Funds   

To make it easier for fund operators to meet the annual return submission requirements, CIMA implemented the FAR Form that operators fill out, as well as electronic reporting systems through which the FAR and audited annual financial statements are submitted. There are two systems running concurrently at present, the old system, E-Reporting and the new system, REEFS.

Fund Annual Return (FAR)

The latest FAR Form is available  here  

Who Completes and Files the FAR  

The fund operator is responsible for ensuring the FAR is filled out.

The local auditor for each fund (CIMA-approved Cayman Islands audit firms) is responsible for submitting the FAR to CIMA, through either the E-reporting or REEFS systems, depending on the fund’s year-end.   

The following documents provide guidance: 

Reporting Schedule

See the current Reporting Schedule for Prudential and Statistical Returns for all CIMA-regulated entities.

Other Data Collection

The Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (Form CPIS) collects information on investment holdings, by banks and mutual funds domiciled in the Cayman Islands, in equity, short-term debt and long-term debt securities issued by unrelated non-residents as at 31 December 2004. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority is conducting this survey in coordination with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to facilitate international data comparability. The information provided will remain fully confidential to the Monetary Authority, only aggregated details will be submitted to the IMF. Cayman’s participation in the CPIS will contribute to an improved understanding of Cayman’s international financial centre and its impact on global financial intermediation. It will enable the Cayman Islands to emphasize its positive role in facilitating the free flow of cross-border investments.