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All securities investments licence application forms can also be accessed via REEFS. Applicants who wish to become authorised users of REEFS must submit a request to

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Application and Checklist

Persons seeking to make an licence application under Sections 5(1), 6(1), 6(4), and 6(10) of the Securities Investment Business Act must complete the following form along with the supporting documentation and prescribed application fee.

Following amendments made to the Securities Investment Business Act, which was gazetted on 16 January 2020, SIB Registered Persons, previously Excluded Persons, now falls under the full scope of the Authority’s supervision.

Cyber Incident Report

This form is intended to provide a systematic and standardised means of alerting the Authority of cyber breaches, and to provide periodic update reports through to incident resolution. A cyber incident should be reported immediately when it is deemed to have a material impact or has the potential to become a material incident. Material cyber threats may include instances of significant loss of data or system controls; potential to impact a significant volume of clients; where unauthorised parties are able to gain or has gained access to your systems; unauthorised parties are able to introduce material, software, viruses, or spyware to your systems; and/or alter or extract data from your systems. Forms should be submitted to   

Personal Questionnaire

The Authority requires that all persons who wish to apply as a licensee or registrant under Sections 5(1), 6(1), 6(4), and 6(10) of the Securities Investment Business Act complete a personal questionnaire and submit the supporting documentation per the licensing requirements.

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