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Beware of Forged Notes in Circulation

Archived News Releases
Date: Fri, 26 March 2021

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (26 March 2021) The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) has been made aware by the Financial Crime Investigation Unit (FCIU) of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service that they are in receipt of forged KYD notes, which were collected during the period 19-25 March.

The banknotes in question all come from the “D” series which were re-designed in 2010. Some of the visible security features that make it relatively easy to tell the difference between Cayman Islands legal tender and forged banknotes include a colour-shifting holographic stripe, see-through images, a turtle watermark and an iridescent band. 

The forged $25 banknote bears the serial number D/2 796153, the $50 D/2 605432 and the $100 D/1 588475. The FCIU is currently investigating the incidents and is advising the public to be on the lookout for such forged notes. 

Detective Dean Murray of the FCIU states, “If you have, or suspect that you may have, received a forged note, we ask that you observe the description of the person passing the note, as well as that of any companions that may accompany them. Do not return the note to the passer if possible. Instead, initial and date the white border of the note, then tag the note with a copy of the transaction receipt and call the FCIU at 949-8797 or any of our police stations during out of office hours. If you have forgery report forms issued by the Financial Crimes Investigations Unit, obtain as much information as possible from the person passing the note and write it on the form.”

CIMA advises the public that we are not able to compensate persons who come in possession of forged notes. This makes it even more important for the public to be vigilant when handling currency notes.

The form for reporting forged money can be found here and on the RCIPS website at

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