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Struck or Dissolved Entities

Enforcement Notices
Date: Mon, 07 October 2019
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“the Authority”) wishes to advise that the following mutual funds failed to satisfy the Authority’s termination requirements and effective 11 March 2019 have been removed from the Authority’s register as they were either struck off the Companies Register of the General Registry, Dissolved, DissolvedVoluntary, Dissolved-By Order of the Court, Terminated, or the entity ceased to exist in the jurisdiction of domiciliation or their General Partner has been struck off or has ceased to exist in the jurisdiction of domiciliation. 
Registration Number  Name
560615 Aberon Capital Fund Ltd. 
15195 Adam & Partners Enhanced Alpha Fund Ltd. 
603444 Adam & Partners Enhanced Alpha Master Fund Ltd
794 APA Excelsior IV/Offshore, L.P. 
13514 Apex Dragon Fund Series SPC
11296 Carleon Strategic Equity Offshore Ltd. 
15733 Concordia API Fund Limited
1276284 Grandeur Opportunity Fund
581512 Grosvenor Square Capital SPC
15538 Hadar Fund Ltd.
12095 Highbridge Convertible Arbitrage Fund, Ltd.
8743 Highland Enhanced Variable Rate Fund Ltd. 
664646 Kelly Investment Fund
635331 Lionhart Talon PE Master Fund SPC Ltd. 
14700 Lionhart Talon Private Equity Fund SPC Ltd.  
17506 M2 Capital Partners Fund SPC
11180 Mason Sunnyside Credit Fund L.P. 
637840 MeehanCombs Global Credit Opportunities Fund (Cayman), LP
637862 MeehanCombs Global Credit Opportunities Master Fund (Cayman), LP
1684 Panorama Fund Ltd. 
652481 Peak6 Cayman Management Ltd. 
10839 Peak6 Performance Fund Ltd. 
1192015 Pollux Investment SPC 
1020950 Providence Fixed Income Fund SPC
665722 PS V International, Ltd. 
665711 PS V Mini-Master, L.P. 
659293 Raven Rock Credit Master Fund L.P. 
16865 Raven Rock Credit Offshore Fund, Ltd. 
565773 RedWell Funds SPC
656670 Sand Canada Fund Series SPC
13506 Sellers Capital Offshore Fund, Ltd.  
11725 Shearwater Fund
634631 SIGN Premium SPC
1130124 Smartshire Capital Fund SPC
562995 The Domain Developers Fund
1153563 Three Mountain Global Macro Fund, Ltd. 
1153552 Three Mountain Global Macro Master Fund, Ltd. 
15577 Trebila Fund
569144 Waldman Stenstrom Euro Hedged Flagship, Ltd. 
15910 Waldman Stenstrom International Flagship, Ltd.  
615322 Waldman Stenstrom Master Flagship, Ltd.
15792 Zaffron Fund Limited
898542 AFME Global Fund  
1246711 Finderway Global Opportunities Fund
611520 LR Global Frontier Master Fund, Ltd. 
1157483 Proven Partners Short/Long Offshore Fund
645013 Salt & Pepper Market Neutral Equity Offshore Fund, Ltd. 
645002 Salt & Pepper Market Neutral Master Equity Fund, Ltd
1191820 StratEdge Global Macro Fund Ltd
566801 The Tyee Growth Fund, Ltd.
634970 Tiburon Credit Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd. 
17523 Tiburon Credit Opportunities Offshore Fund, Ltd. 
1157343 Ansen Diversified Investment Fund SPC 
1189694 Harmony Universal Special Situations Fund SPC
1161532 Horizon Fund SPC Co., Ltd. 
1213590 Beauty of China Culture and Art Fund SPC
559134 Green Capital Resource Fund 
568492 LR Global Frontier Fund, Ltd. 
1194255 TNK Investment Fund
10950 Central Nexus Fund  
16469 Credit Suisse Longevity Contingent Japan Fund II 
1148291 Cruz Capital Partners Master Fund L.P
912391 Gyulhap
896991 Hawking Global Emerging Industries Fund I
558773 Inle Capital International Fund, Ltd. 
1129575 Infini Hedge Fund 
11484 Special Fine Greater China Opportunity Fund 
609711 Special Fine Greater China Opportunity Master Fund

The Authority further advises that the following SIBL licensee* failed to satisfy the Authority’s termination requirements in order to surrender its licence for cancellation and effective 11 March 2019 has been removed from the Authority’s register as it was Struck off the Companies Register: 

Licence Number Name
586250 *Permanent Value Asset Management Inc. 


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