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Struck or Dissolved Entities

Enforcement Notices
Date: Wed, 10 March 2021
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (the “Authority”) wishes to advise that the following entities failed to satisfy the Authority’s termination requirements and effective 10 March 2021 have been removed from the Authority’s register as they were struck off the Companies Register of the General Registry.
Licence Number Name Licence/Registration Type
9811 Pitagora Fund Ltd. Mutual Fund - Registered
1125994 BDI Ltd. Mutual Fund - Registered
654920 Olympic Wealth Fund SPC Mutual Fund - Registered
1251692 Archon Capital Fund SPC Mutual Fund - Registered
1251703 Archon Capital Master Fund SPC  Master Fund
132591 Jincheng SPC Fund Mutual Fund - Registered
1513934 GGC SPC Mutual Fund - Registered
1231532 Hypa Asset Management Limited Securities – Restricted
200012 FalconView Securities Ltd. Securities – Full 
567895 AIMS Limited Company Manager
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