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Notifications regarding important financial updates affecting licensees and the industry are posted as General Industry Notices and Supervisory Information Circulars, as applicable. Updates on regulatory and enforcement action taken in respect of CIMA-regulated entities are posted as Enforcement Notices. Information regarding financial activities affecting the general public are posted as General Public Notices. 

General Industry Notices

AML FAQs for Funds - 01 February 2019

Statement on AIFMD - 17 October 2017

Ukraine Gazette Order - 17 October 2017

Sanctions Orders - 17 October 2017

REEFS Fact Sheet - 17 October 2017

Currency Exchange - 17 October 2017

New REEFS FAR Form - 17 October 2017

Foreign Bank Accounts - 17 October 2017

Supervisory Information Circular

The objective of the Supervisory Circular is to raise awareness, in the industry, of common regulatory and thematic issues identified through both our off-site and on-site supervisory practices and highlight important regulatory developments for the financial sector. This publication will include a series of information circulars which are usually published bi-annually. 

Enforcement Notices

CIMA's effective and proportionate use of its powers to enforce the requirements of the regulatory laws and other relevant legislation (such as the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations) plays an important role in the pursuit of its regulatory objectives. CIMA endeavours to exercise its enforcement powers in a manner that is transparent, proportionate and consistent with its publicly stated policies and guidelines.